Sunday, January 13, 2008

Garlic tea

It's winter. Many people cough or have cold. So, here is a recipe for Garlic tea. I read that in countries like Mexico or Spain it is quite popular to fight the mentioned health problems.

Here it goes...Prepare
a) 3 cups of water
b) 3 gloves of garlic - cut them in half
c) half cup of honey
d) half cup of fresh lemon juice

Heat 3 cups of water and 3 garlic gloves to a boil. Turn off the heat and add half cup of honey and half cup of fresh lemon juice. Strain.
Sip half cup...2-3 times a day. Put the drink in refrigerator so you can use it next day.


Anonymous said...

Just a note to say that anyone prone to headaches or migraines should NOT try this tea. Garlic triggers headaches, and I came down with a massive one after trying this tea a few months ago. I cook with garlic all the time with no problems, but garlic tea calls for a lot more than we usually consume in a meal. Word to the wise...

Summer said...

When I had colds as a child my mother would make me drink some garlic/cinnammon/herb concoction to fight them. I was supposed to drink it as fast and as hot as I could take it.

It always helped the cold - though it was horrible tasting.

Anonymous said...

theorist... sorry the garlic is a trigger for your headaches... fortunately for me... although I have suffered from severe migraines... it does not trigger mine and I am able to drink garlic tea with no problems... only the fabulous benefits ;) also eat roasted garlic and when feeling tough have tried raw... find that goes down easier in a paste made with honey and lemon ;) good luck and wellness all!

Ashley said...

I definitely agree with theorist on this one! I drink garlic tea when fighting colds, bladder infections, sinus infections, etc. but I just drank a 2 clove glass of garlic tea and suddenly have a huge headache.

Admittedly I also ate two raw cloves as I am currently battling a bladder infection and it seems to call for larger doses than the cold-fighting remedy as the situation is a bit more urgent. In any case, it's been proven (and one can Google for one's self) that garlic changes some frequencies in the brain, something the yogis noticed long ago and recommended against eating this 'tanassic' food alongside onions.

I am happy to kill the bladder infection but the headache isn't so swell. I guess it's a helluvah lot better than, "Side effect: Possible death." :D