Saturday, October 13, 2007

Japanese tea terms

Chabatake: Tea Plantation
Chaboko: Tea Chest or Box
Chaire or Chaki: Tea Caddy
Chanoki: Tea Plant
Chanoyu: Tea Ceremony or Party
Chasen: Whisk
Chawan: Tea Bowl
Futaoki: Lid or Ladle Rest
Kakoi: Tea enclosure within a house
Kensui: Waste-Water Bowl
Koicha: A thick, pasty Chanoyu tea
Koshikake: Waiting Bench (in inner or outer garden)
Machiai: Portico in which guests wait until they are summoned to enter the tea room
Matcha: A powder green tea used in Chanoyu
Midsuya: Anteroon where tea utensils are washed and arranged before being brought in
Mizusashi: Water jar
Roji: Tea Garden, or garden path which connects the machiai with the tea room
Soto Roji: Outer Garden
Sukiya: Tea Room
Tsukubai: Water Basin for Tea Water
Uchi Roji: Inner Garden
Usucha: A foamy green Chanoyu tea
Yoritsuki: Waiting Room

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Your site is very beautiful and informative.

I have a question about japanese tea. Five years ago I received as a gift a package of tea from some japanese friends. They only told me it was the "third best of japan" and that it was cultivated in the Tokyo area. Would you by any chance know the name of this tea ? Thank you a lot!