Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tea bags

Despite opinions that loose leaves make a better tea and the fact that many famousteas are only available as loose leaves I decided to dedicate this post to tea bags. Many of us use them to prepare our cups of tea...First hand-sewn silk muslin tea bags were patented in 1903. New York tea and coffee shop merchant Thomas Sullivan was the first who started using tea bags commercially in 1904.Today tea bags are made of a special paper which is a combination of wood and vegetablefibres. Most tea bags are of square or rectangular shape. But there are circular or pyramidal tea bags too.Some tea bags also have a string stapled to one side, long enough for a paper tag stapled to the other end to remain out of the hot water while brewing. This allows for easier removal of the tea bag, without using a spoon, or fingers.There are people who found kind of artistic purpose to tea bags. In 1992 Dutch woman Tiny van der Plas created technique of tea bags. is a form of origami in which identical squares of patterned paper (cut from the front of teabag sachets) are folded, and then arranged in rosettes. These rosettes are usually used to decorate gift cards.
Some examples of the above mentioned craft can be found at this web site

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