Thursday, July 26, 2007

Turkish tea

Turkish tea (Turkish: çay - read ç as ch in choice) is type of tea is the most popular beverage in Turkey, the North Africa, Middle East and the Horn of Africa.Turkish tea is actually a black tea produced on the eastern Black Sea coast.
About its preparation...Well, you need two special kettles (çaydanlık). Water is boiled in the larger lower kettle. Some water is used to fill the smaller kettle on top. There you put several spoons of loose tea leaves. That way a very strong tea is made. when served, the remaining water is used to dilute tea. People can choose between strong (Turkish: koyu - "dark") or weak (Turkish: açık - "light") tea.
Tea is served hot in small glasses. It is usually held by the rim, in order to save the drinker's fingertips from being burned. Tea is sweetened with beetroot sugar. In Turkey this tea is called Rize tea. Rize is Turkish province on
the Black Sea coast where almost all of Turkish tea is produced.

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