Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tea trivia

Hello everyone! Let's start this weekend with couple of interesting facts about tea.
Top tea consuming countries, per capita tea consumption in 2005:
Ireland 2.96 cups
Libya 2.92 cups
Qatar 2.89 cups
Iraq 2.42 cups
Kuwait 2.29 cups
Great Britain 2.24 cups
(source: International Tea Committee, Washington Post Weekly, October 2005)
World leading tea producers are Argentina, China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.
The average person in the UK will consume around 80,000 cups of tea during their life.
Tea can be found in 80% of American households. Each day 127 million Americans drink tea. are several facts about tea plant (Camellia sinensis) itself...
1) It takes from three to five years for the young plant to grow into a bush ready for plucking.
2) One Darjeeling garden in India has approximately 3 million tea bushes and each bush is hand plucked every week, about 32 times a year.
3) The two uppermost tender, young leaves and a small unopened bud called "two leaves and a bud" make the best tea.
If you use lemon with your tea, put the lemon slice in the bottom of the cup then pour on your tea. Lemon helps prevent any scum from forming on top of the tea.
Do not throw your used tea. Instead, after brewing a pot of tea, use the leaves for fertilizer in your garden to improve condition of the soil.

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