Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thai tea

Thai tea or "cha-yen" is a drink made of strongly-brewed powdered black tea. Star anise, tamarind, red or yellow food coloring and some other spices are often added too. Sugar is added to sweeten the tea. Thai tea exists in two variations - cold and hot. Dark Thai iced tea (cha-dam-yen) is served chilled with sugar only. Milk is not added. Lime thai tea (cha-ma-now) differs from dark Thai iced tea because it is flavoured with lime. Mint is also added as garnish.People in Thailand drink hot tea in the morining, often with fried bread called Yau ja gwai or Pa-tong-ko. There is Thai hot tea (cha-ron) served with milk and Dark Thai hot tea (cha-dam-ron) served without milk.In Thailand tea is served in traditional tall glasses. In local restaurants whenyou want to take ordered tea out it is poured over crushed ice in a plastic bag.

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