Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mugicha or Bori cha

Mugicha (in Japanese) or Bori cha (in Korean) is a type of herbal tea (tisane) made from roasted barley. In Japan it is popular summer bevarage. In Korea people drink it hot in winter and cold in summer. Mugicha contains no caffeine.
As to the study by Japanese food company Kagome, drinking Mugicha increases blood fluidity. This happens because of the chemical alkypyrazine which exists in Mugicha. The Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Products in China claims that Mugicha can reduce stress in those who drink it.
Koreans combine Bori cha with Okusu cha (roasted corn herbal tea)...Okusu cha is sweeter...and influences bitter taste of Bori cha...

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